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Rates & Fees

This is not a lender service, and we never offer credit decisions. As a result of this, the service will not provide users of this website with necessary information concerning the fees and rates related to a specific short-term loan offers, expect from the offers included by the lenders that are associated with the consumers of the website. Also, we are making efforts to make sure that the lenders in our network maintain all the necessary international, federal, state and local laws and regulations. And also strictly adhere to fair credit practices within the organization.

A short-term loan is a temporary financial tool, and it can become costly if this financial instrument is used for additional terms. Most times, this credit is connected with high financial fees, charges and cost. Due to this, the industry is highly regulated at federal, state and local government levels. Also, the non-governmental or governmental agencies control the agents in the industry to provide the best practices, regulative method, develop steadily grow.

We provide all users of the website much educational material and multiple resources that can support the industry and help them in decision making to get a better credit experience. However, we strongly advised using the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Trade Commission websites. The two governmental agencies help in establishing and enforcing the acts and laws that govern show-term loan and protect customers from issues of unfair lending practices and discrimination.

To protect customers from unfair lending practices, a lot of states have implemented their laws and regulations in addition to the federal laws. Each state may govern the terms, but they are not limited to the highest allowable credit amount, the fees that lenders can include to loans, the number of renewals (rollovers) and the present term specifications. The late payments can also be applied and the number of outstanding loans that customers access at a given time. You can follow this link to our official website and get access to the resource that will provide you all the information in regards to the laws and regulations in your state. Don’t forget to review the offer before requesting a loan, because these rules can change at any time.

The short-term cash loans are restricted from many states, but they are not limited to Vermont, Arkansas, West Virginia and New York. This list can be changed without any proper notice. You can check the websites that are mentioned above to follow the changes in each state regulation in regards to short-term lending.